T-motor F60PROV-LV Racing motor 2020 kV 6s lightweight

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T-motor F60PROV-LV Racing motor 2020 kV 6s lightweight

About this product

The T-Motor F60 PRO V-LV Motor continues the lineage of great FPV racing motors by T-Motor! The Pro V-LV provides a faster speed at a lighter weight.

Choose a KV:

  • 1950KV
  • 2020KV

VIDEO: My Favorite Motor!! T-Motor F60 Pro V-LV


  • Faster Speed
  • Lighter AUW

T-Motor F60 PRO V motors are here! These have some improvements over their predecessors such as more thrust, increased durability and a more linear feeling of acceleration.

Discover the new Light Version range with a weight of only ~32g.

Here is the 2020KV version.



  • KV : 2020
  • Configuration : 12N14P
  • Shaft diameter : 4mm
  • Lead : 20# 150mm
  • Weight : 32.1g
  • Voltage : 25.2V
  • Idle current : 1.19A
  • Max power (10s) : 1306W
  • Burst (10s) : 53.1A


  • 1x F60 PRO V – LV – 2020KV Motor
  • 13x Screw
  • 1x Nut
  • 2x Washer
  • 2x O-ring


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