Xnova 2207 Freestyle Hard Line 2600KV Motor Set 4

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Xnova 2207 Freestyle Hard Line 2600KV Motor Set 4

  • made for acrobatic and freestyle flying
  • superb quality
  • state of the art design and look
  • 3S to 6S (depends on KV)

Xnova 2207 Freestyle Hard Line dronefpvshop.ch3


The new FREESTYLE motors from XNOVA have been developed with the help of pilots like J-True.

These motors are designed to absorb shocks and give the most torque / response to gas.

Xnova has been working on two ranges and a wide KV range to meet flight styles and 3S, 4S and 6S configurations.


The HARD-Line series is designed for pilots in search of power / torque instant to chain demanding figures.

The SMOOTH-Line series is less aggressive / coupler for more tense flights.


Both engines feature a complete new design and new magnets, bells and shafts.

Xnova 2207 Freestyle Hard Line dronefpvshop.ch2


These engines will be delivered with the necessary installation:

– Nuts with washer

– Engine fixing screw


  • High quality CNC parts
  • optimal efficiency
  • balanced and tested perfectly
  • 100% manual editing
  • 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s compatible.

Xnova 2207 Freestyle Hard Line dronefpvshop.ch4


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