Xnova Lite 2207 1950KV Motor Set 4

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Xnova Lite 2207 1950KV Motor Set 4


xnova lite 2207 1950kv dronefpvshop3

Weight27.5g (w/o wires)
Motor diameter27.8mm
Motor length19.8mm
Suitable propeller5″
Stator Diameter22mm
Stator Height07mm
Input Voltage5S, 6S
Magnet Pole Configuration12N14P
Shaft Diameter5mm
Hollow ShaftYes
Cable Length110mm
Bell RetainingC-Clip
Mounting HolesM3 16x16mm

xnova lite 2207 1950kv dronefpvshop


The new Lite Line by XNOVA was specifically designed for agile racing performance.


As usual for XNOVA motors, there are small spikes on the top to minimize the risk of a loose propeller and potentially to lose your drone.

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  • High performance and finest CNC quality
  • Spikes to secure the propeller
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Low cogging torque and smooth running
  • Precisely balanced and fully tested
  • Hollow Titanium Shaft
  • C- Clip


Shipping Contents

  • 4 x XNOVA Lite 2207 1950Kv
  • 4 x Lock Nut
  • 12 x Washer
  • 16 x Motor Screw M3x7mm
  • 16 x Motor Screw M3x8mm




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