HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV Racing Drone

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HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV Racing Drone

HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV Racing Drone dronefpvshop.ch HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV dronefpvshop.ch6 HGLRC M80 GPS for FPV dronefpvshop.ch5

Item Name:HGLRC M80 GPS
Power Supply:5V
Antenna:Ceramic Antenna
Receiving Channel:72 Searching Channel
Support Rate:57600 dps
Output Protocol:UBLOX
Output Frequency:1Hz-10Hz,Default 10Hz
Speed Precison:0.05 m/s
Level Positioning Precison:2D Acc1.5m(ln Open Sky)
Receiving Sensitivity:Trace -167dBm
Dynamic Characteristics:Max Height:50000m
Max Speed:500m/s
Max Acceleration:4G
Working Temperature:-40℃-+85℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃-+105℃
Size:18.5mm x 18.5mm x 7.1mm

Note: the old batch uses 115200 dps rate.


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