3-6S Micro 5V 2A BEC IFlight

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3-6S Micro 5V 2A BEC IFlight

This micro-sized step-down voltage regulator is perfect for supplying 12v power (from a higher voltage source like 4S or 5S, even 6S Lipo) to your FPV gear that needs specifically 5V Range.  Power 5V flight cameras, LED lights or other gear that can only run on 5V.

The compact (14.5*6.6*2.6mm) size step-down voltage regulator takes an input voltage between 12 V and 25 V and efficiently reduces it to 5V while allowing for a maximum output current of 2A.


– Single input single output

– Support 3-6S input, continuous 5V Output

– Low ripple BEC, high stability, and high efficiency

– Input voltage range (3S-6S operation): 6.5- 25.5V,stability output 5V

Full-featured Micro 5V BEC gives plenty of output options, it is easy to solder on and desolder

3S Output 5V 2.6A

4S Output 5V 2.0A

5S Output 5V 1.8A

6S Output 5V 1.6A


– Input voltage range (3S-6S operation): 12-25V

– Output current: +5V (positive and negative 0.1V)

– Output current on 4S: 2A

– Conversion efficiency: 90%

– Output Ripple: <30mV

– Switching frequency: 1.4MHz

– Working temperature: -45°C~ +85°C

– Dimension: 14.5*6.6*2.6mm

– Weight: 0.5g

Package included:

1pc x 3-6S 5V 2A BEC Step-Down Voltage Regulator

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