Freestyle Drone Frame KT230 7 inch 302mm

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Freestyle Drone Frame KT230 7 inch 302mm CHF 49.99
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Freestyle Drone Frame KT230 7 inch 302mm



Arm Plate Thickness: 230mm(4MM)/267mm(4MM)/302mm(4MM).

Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm.

Upper Plate Thickness: 2.5mm.

Camera angle range: 0-70°.

Weight: 135g/140g/160g.

Material: 3K Carbon Fiber.


Quick disassembly design.

4MM independent arm, fast demolition, unique design virtual bit less.

The weight of the battery is above the arm, the overall center is balanced, and each motor output is balanced and efficient.

High quality 3K full carbon fiber board, high precision CNC aluminum alloy parts, simple structure and strong.

The arm is at the narrowest point of 14mm, the wind resistance is smaller,reduce air resistance,but more commuted arm, easy to maintain.

The position of the motor compartment is widened and the collision is not easy to hit the motor.

Side panel design to effectively protect the electronic equipment inside the fuselage.

support Mainstream FPV camera and Mini Series FPV camera,and other lenses.

Recommend Parts: (Not Included)

Flight Controller: Tower System/F4/F3/Naze32 (Hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm / 20*20mm).

Motor: 22XX/23XX/24XX/25XX/26XX/27XX…Brushless Motor.

ESC: 20 -200A Brussels ESC.

Propeller: 5-7inch.

Battery: 3/6S 1300-3000mAh Lipo Battery

Package Included:

1 x 5inch 230mm / 6inch 267mm / 7inch 302mm (Send it as your choice)

1 x battery belt


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