Pre-Crimped Cables and SH1.0 Connectors 15cm Wire

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Pre-Crimped Cables and SH1.0 Connectors 15cm Wire

You can make an arbitrary cable by just plugging the terminal of the cable into the connector manually. So you can array the color order arbitrarily as you want. You can also replace or fix the broken cable in your hand.
Ultra soft silicone wire, still has very good flexibility at low temperature. so it can eliminate the vibration transferred to the flight controller.
The cables and connector are suitable for Racing Drone like SPRacingF3, OMNIBUS F4 Pro, F7 etc. flight controller.
You can achieve connection between flight controller and camera, VTX, GPS, Telemetry module, Bluetooth module, OSD, or ultrasonic sensor etc., it is a necessary component for RC hobbyist.
Package included:
240pcs 15cm Pre-crimped SH1.0 to SH1.0 Cables  ( 6 colors, each color 40 cables)
20pcs 3P
20pcs 4P
20pcs 5P
20pcs 6P
20pcs 7P
10pcs 8P
10pcs 9P
10pcs 10P
10pcs 12P
100pcs Diameter 1 mm Heat shrinkable tube
1pcs Tweezer


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