S-LR Li-Ion Battery Molicel INR21700 4s2p 8000mAh 16.8V

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Super Long Range Li-Ion Battery Molicel INR21700 4s2p 8000mAh 16.8V

Swiss hand made with the best components and love to our hobby.

It it perfect for big long-range quads.

Molicel datasheet.

EAN / GTIN 7417940523859
Brand Molicel
Size 21700
Battery chemistry Li-ion
Battery Rechargeable
Voltage 3.6V
Min. capacity in mAh4,000.00
Battery version Flat top
Discharge current45.00
Circuit protection Unprotected
Height in mm70.00
Diameter in mm21.20


The information contained herein is for reference only and does not
imply a performance guarantee or a product warranty. Specifications
and characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
For application specific information, please contact E-One Moli Energy
Sales and Applications or the nearest MOLICEL® recognized agent.

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