Freestyler V4 PRO HD Ready 223MM Frame Kit

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Freestyler V4 PRO HD Ready 223MM Frame Kit

Cockroach V4 PRO HD 223MM

Cockroach V4 PRO 223MM
1. Wheelbase: 223mm
2. Structure: H-type split
3. Weight: 110G (including print)
4. Thickness: 5.0mm arm, (the arm is an integrated arm, a total of 2) other accessories 2.0mm
5. Paddle: 5 inch paddle
6. Flight control hole distance: 20 * 20mm, 30.5 * 30.5mm
7. Camera mounting width: 22mm
8. Internal height: 30mm
9.Motor mounting hole: 16 * 19mm
  Support 2204/2205 2207/2306/2405/2307/2308/2506 and other motors
10. Support installation of DJI Sky
11.3D prints include: DJI FPV mount, antenna mount
12.3D print material: tpu

Package Included:

1* Cockroach V4 220MM / Cockroach V4 PRO 223MM Frame Kit  (Optional)


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