Andy HD 8inch Freestyle Frame 5mm Arm

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Andy HD 8inch Freestyle Frame 5mm Arm

Andy HD8 350mm Frame:
Material: 3K carbon fiber / TPU3D print
Wheelbase: 350MM
Arm thickness: 5MM
Arm width: 11.5MM
Upper center board: 2MM
Lower center plate: 3MM
Camera protection frame board thickness: 2MM
Plywood thickness: 2MM
Empty height in rack: 25MM
Rack weight: about 153 grams
Recommended configuration:(Not included)
Support paddle: 8 inch
Support Power: DJI Mavic Royal Motor
Support flight control: F3 F4 mini PIX mini F3 mini F4
Support battery: 3-4S (1500-5300MAH)
Package Included:
1 x Andy HD8 350mm Frame (Without any electronic equipment)
1 x Battery belt
2 pairs 8331 Poropeller  (Send it as your choice)
Note: The DJI Mavic Motor, Camera and other electronic equipment  are not Included.


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