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How long can fpv drone fly ?

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How long can fpv drone fly ?

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How to Extend the Battery Flight Time of Drone FPV

Most Quadcopters have a flight time ranging between 3minutes to 20minutes. However, other cheaper models have a flight time shorter than this. The most puzzling question that Drone FPV pilots face is how to extend the flight time of the FPV battery in use.

There are many factors that affect the flight time of the FPV drone; such as the weight of the drone, winds, flight recording, and flight style. The addition of weight, presence of wind and recording your flight using a camera are some of the conditions that drain your FPV battery flight time.

Tips To Increase Your FPV Battery Time:

1. Choose a big battery.

Most Drone FPV models are fitted with mid-size batteries which do not offer flight time longer than seven minutes on average. Acquiring a battery with a higher mAh will increase your flight time. However, do not use a huge battery since it makes the drone heavier leading to more energy consumption, this impacts negatively on the flight time.

2. Choose a conservative flight mode

Drone FPV models have a range of flight modes. These are dependent on the transmitter sensitivity. To increase the FPV battery flight time, you should choose the less aggressive flight mode, which is the lower sensitivity flight mode.

3. Ditch the camera if possible

Some cameras are detachable. If yours is, it is highly recommended that you remove it. The camera drains the battery since it is heavy and also the recording itself link directly to the battery thus shortening its flight time.

4. Experiment different propeller sizes

The size of the propeller fitted on the drone affects the battery flight time since it impacts on the power consumption. Before using different propellers, start by experimenting with the manufacturer’s recommended propeller then use different sizes while observing the flight time observed using different sizes.

5. Charge the FPV battery at the right time

Do you charge your battery moments before using it or days before flying? Charging your battery long before using it decreases both the lifetime of your battery and the flight time during flying. It is recommended that you charge your battery some minutes before using it.

6. Fly in the appropriate conditions

If you fly your drone FPV outdoors, then you should consider the right conditions to fly in. Avoid windy or rainy conditions. Flying in the wind increases the resistance that the drone faces when turning. Higher resistance translates to more power consumption thus draining your battery faster. Rainy conditions also damage the drone’s battery.

7. Remove prop guards

Prop guard is the frame that covers the propeller to protect it. The propeller has an advantage since it protects the propeller. However it has a disadvantage since it increases the weight of the drone thus increasing the power consumption and reducing the battery flight time. Removing them will make your Drone FPV lighter thus consume less power during flight.

8. Do not overcharge the battery

FPV batteries can be dangerous when overcharged. It can explode and cause fire. Alternatively, overcharging reduces the lifetime the battery.

9. Do not allow the battery to drain completely

It is highly recommended that you don’t drain the drone’s battery. Ensure you do not fly the drone when the battery is less than 20% percent. This reduces the battery’s lifetime.

10. Consider making your own model

If you are not impressed by the time that your Drone FPV model offers, you may consider making your own drone. How do you go about this? Don’t worry; there are numerous sources of information on the internet that can guide you in making your customized model.

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