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2022 Different kind of drones in the Market available:

From years ago we were thinking to have only one kind of drone to make all different kind of jobs but in 2022 we are having many different setups of drones for special job we need to do with it! That why we want to share you here the differences of drones you can have.

Made to reach long distances and go where no one else can go. In 2022 there are 6 and 7 inchs the most famous builds for long range

To fly fast and can carry up to 2kg with a 6s or even 8s batteries

New light weight drones trying to to reach long distances but reducing their weight to get the longest fly time possible. In 2022 are famous builds in 4 and 5inch like Chimera4

Normally used to fly indoor and outdoor filming with gopro and naked gopro or similar low weight cameras. Protek 25 and 35 are famous for this features.

be the fastest with the most stable drone is the most important think

The most people are using 5inch drones to fly in a all around purposes. With / without gopro. Fly through buildings and learn tricks continously