iFlight FPV Drone Backpack

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iFlight FPV Drone Backpack


The 2021 must have Backpack of the year is here!!! 

The iFlight Backpack for FPV drones, ideal for transporting your gear wherever you go. Be ready to adapt to every adventure you might be facing with interchangeable dividers for resizable compartments to fit all your equipment. Huge 33 liters volume to even put your drones inside the bag if it’s necessary. Protective pouches at the outside to store big and smaller parts like propellers or tools, to fit in your jacket and a second pair of underwear (just in case you’re about to do a 250m skyscraper dive).

This Backpack comes with several solutions to store your radio and goggles but even a tablet or Laptop up to 17inch in a big back compartment. Water repellent material and additional rain cover to keep at least your gear dry when you’re soaking wet. Stay illuminated at night or find your bag in the darkness with our integrated RGB LEDs on the outer shell.

8 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch 


Interchangeable Dividers

Both modular and easy to use, these dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around your gear by creating the exact size compartment for your gear.

7 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch

Laptop Extra Compartment

Protect your laptop during transport (Up to 17inch)

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Water Repellant

A specially applied coating to the fabric keeps water out

Fully water proof with additional rain cover

5 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch

RGB Lights

Integrated RGB light strips on the outer shell

9 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch

Super Capacity

33 liter Volume for maximum storage

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  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Volume: 33 liters
  • Internal Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 54 cm
  • External Dimensions: 53 x 34 x 26 cm
  • Color: Black (with RGB LED inserts)
  • Compatible Drones Size: from Micro size to X8 
  • Laptop Max Height: 34 cm
  • Material: 1200D nylon (Exterior)/210D polyester fiber (Interior)
  • Remote Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 11 cm
  • Storage For Personal Items: Yes
  • Types Of Gear: FPV Drone, DSLR
  • Type Of Bag: Backpack
  • Water Repellent: Yes



18 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch 11 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.ch 10 iflight backpack dronefpvshop.chPackage includes:

1 x iFlight FPV Drone Backpack


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