Lipo Battery Guard Bag black

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Lipo Battery Guard Bag black



Product description


Original fireproof Lipo battery charging bag, protective bag.

* Safety bag for loading, storage and transport.

* Safety Lipoly Charge Bag Lipo Safe The bag for multiple batteries.

The new number one in performance, price and 100% quality. You will not find a better deal anywhere.

Protect your family and home from potential hazards when charging and storing LiPo batteries.

This lipo safe is a fireproof bag, reinforced with fibreglass fabric that minimises the hazards of handling Lipo batteries.

Although rare, LiPo battery fires are a reality and a danger.

Lipo batteries should always be stored in a safe LiPo bag in an open area with good ventilation.

Only charge LiPo batteries on no flammable surface and away from potentially flammable objects.

Leave your batteries unattended during charging, even when using a Lipo charging bag.

Made from a fibreglass and sewn with a Nomex fire retardant thread, these bags will assist in a Lipo fire and help limit the damage to surrounding objects.

These bags are made from super strong fire retardant fibreglass fabric and stand very high temperatures for a reasonable period of time.

The bags are sewn together with an extremely strong fire retardant thread and the flap is secured with Velcro fastener.

Ideal as a LiPoly charging bag, but excellent for wrapping your battery.


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