HQ Steel RC tools Kit Set Screwdriver

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HQ Steel RC tools Kit Set Screwdriver



High quality: the shaft is made of high-speed steel

Ergonomically and slip-resistant designed handle for comfortable grip.

Compact and lightweight design.

4 different sizes are included to meet all your needs.

Elegant appearance.

Especially suitable for RC helicopter airplane.

Size: 1.5MM 2.0MM 2.5MM 3.0M

Total length: 175mm

Length of handle: 100mm

Type: Hex Screw driver Tools

Made of HSS

Used for disassamble Hex Screw in helicoptor and other place


Material:HSS (High-Speed -Steel)

Package include:

1.5mm Hex Key

2.0mm Hex Key

2.5mm Hex Key

3.0mm Hex Key

HQ High-speed steel 4 in 1 Steel RC tools Kit Set Screwdriver Set Hex Screw Driver Tools for RC Quadcopter Muliticopter


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